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I tag anything other than Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games as 'other' for your blacklist.

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He remembered Winterfell as he had last seen it. Not as grotesquely huge as Harrenhal, nor as solid and impregnable to look at as Storm’s End, yet there had been a great strength in those stones, a sense that within those walls a man might feel safe.

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Natalie Dormer & Lena Headey for Plan UK Because I’m A Girl’ campaign

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Tell me, how do you think Balon Greyjoy would feel if he could see his only surviving son has turned lackey?

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Oberyn Martell meme
↳ 6 quotes that were cut off the show (2/6)

"I have hungered for a long time. Though not for food. Prey tell me, when will the justice be served?


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Sansa had favored her mother’s gods over her father’s. She loved the statues, the pictures in leaded glass, the fragrance of burning incense, the septons with their robes and crystals, the magical play of the rainbows over altars inlaid with mother-of-pearl and onyx and lapis lazuli. Yet she could not deny that the godswood had a certain power too. Especially by night. Help me, she prayed, send me a friend, a true knight to champion me…

Sansa Stark Meme

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“Do as you’re told, sweetling, it won’t be so bad. Wolves are supposed to be brave, aren’t they?”
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#for a split second there ned was like holy shit is he giving it to me

this tag literally makes me laugh every time

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