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I tag anything other than Game of Thrones and The Hunger Games as 'other' for your blacklist.

Follow Friday ♥ ♥ ♥

captiolcouture - Cessy, the most wonderful girl in the whole world, I dont know what tumblr would be like without her.

cloveandglimmer I cant really explain how perfect she is, you are seriously missing something if you dont follow her.

effie-and-mahogany - Paige, this girl=flawless. Just flawless, its hard to compete with her. I dont have much else to say.

flyawaymymockingjay Kat, asdgfhgjkl just check out her blog already !

foxingfaces - Mari, her edits are just perfection, zomg just look at them ! They are beautiful !

goddessofthemockingjays - Libbing is one of my closest tumblr friends and I couldnt go a week without talking to her. She just makes my days that much brighter.

honoush - she is so sweet. One of the loveliest people out there. Willing to be kind to everyone and anyone and ugh just so nice !

lawrenceyjen - geh, this blog is lovely. She is spectacular. Please look at it. Please ?

l-ittleduck - She is one of my favourite blogs ever, she is always willing to talk and makes everyones day that much lovelier and perfect. Asfdghjkl seriously one of the best out there

lovepeetatodeath - Have you seen her blog ? I’m guessing no if you don’t follow her already because it is p.e.r.f.e.c.t.i.o.n and I will never unfollow her

mostlyhungergames - Well as the name implies, very THG oriented, and any of y’all that like THG (which I guess you do considering you follow me) will like her blog ! So follow it.

peeta-perfection - Lotte, I FREAKING LOVE HER. TALKING TO HER MAKES ME SO HAPPY ! PLEASE LOVE HER ? I certainly do.

the-radiant-mockingjay - zomg zomg this blog is incredible. Lynette is incredible. Everything in this blog is INCREDIBLE. FOLLOW HER !

twirllforme - Awesomesauce blog right here folks. Its just epic ginger ale and awesomesauce combined and everything is just my imaginary words/phrases that I love to use because its just that perfect.

I love them all, please follow them xxx

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